Ownership Price

What dogs are the cheapest (total ownership)? The easiest to estimate is the initial cost, when you acquire the dog you may know the exact amount. But what about the long term cost? Here are a few:


1. Vets Doctor cost

You may either estimate the cost by calling your local vets, but the doctor may ask you the kind of disease which you may not know. So we can estimate this indirectly by searching for the cheapest dogs to own by calling a pet insurance company. The least expensive dogs are female mixed breeds that have been spayed. Still, we found that some specialty mixes, often with funny names like Golden Doodle or Puggle, command a premium price up front and higher insurance costs, as well.


2. What about grooming fees? Smaller dogs are cheaper to groom than larger dogs; ditto for short-haired dogs that shed compared with those with human-like hair, such as Maltese Poodles or Schnauzers, that don’t. To keep a lid on grooming costs, the cheapest dogs to own are small mixed-breeds, like Beagle mixes, or Bulldogs that have been bred to prevent respiratory problems.


3. Boarding and training costs. The costs vary depending on the size of the dog. One advantage to owning a small dog is that friends and family may be more willing to doggy-sit (ergo, no boarding costs). Smaller dogs are also more welcome in apartments, giving their owners more options when it’s time to move. On the other hand, smaller dogs are harder to train and have smaller bladders, which could raise the ante on cleaning bills. For a cheap dog to own, maybe you can try the mid-sized Australian Shepherd, which is smart enough not to have accidents; friendly, which can mean lower insurance costs (aggressive dogs may incur higher premiums on home/renter insurance); and easy to clean with a good bath in the backyard, which cuts down on grooming costs.


4. Food cost.  Small dogs mean cheap. Food is one of the most expensive components of raising a dog.


5. Summary:  Small, mixed breeds are the cheapest dogs to own. From insurance costs (homeowner and pet) to grooming, boarding, and food, small dogs are easier to handle and less expensive to raise.

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