Dogs and people to exercise in rainy season #GeniusAsianDanceChallenge I wanted to go out but my little friend did not want me to go. So I decided to dance with him. He can not dance like a human, so I tried to learn to dance his way. We would like to see you and your cute dog dance, and we hope you will get some good exercise from it too. We usually take the dog for a walk, but now it is rainy season so this also could be an efficient way for dogs and people to exercise. Hope this challenge is a fun way to help a lot of people get healthy and fit. I was pretty tired after this 1-minute dog dance — you may do better.

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My dog naturally jumps so many times each time. You don’t have to make your dog jump high if they can’t, just make yourself and the dog do some exercise. A viewer commented on this video that dachshunds have weak spine, so make sure be safe and healthy.

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